Study Abroad

With Study Abroad, You’ll Travel Far—And go Further in Your Career

Explore the spellbinding architecture of Prague. Follow the path of history along the Great Wall of China. Or fall in love with the city and culture of Paris. Here at Nichols, if you’ve got the desire to travel, we’ve got a destination for you. Because studying abroad is one of the best ways to expand your cultural and intellectual horizons—and your career.

You’ll not only make lifelong memories. By studying abroad, you’ll bring unique perspectives to your professional life. And you’ll stand out to recruiters. They know that applicants who’ve studied abroad often offer a variety of transferable, cross-cultural and industry-specific skills.

Where You Can go From Here? As Far as You Can Dream.

At Nichols College, we offer three types of study-abroad options:

  • Semester-abroad programs, in which you take classes at an overseas university or college and earn Nichols College credit along the way,
  • Internships abroad, where you fulfill the experiential-learning requirement of your program by gaining work experience in another country, and
  • 1-2 week overseas trips led by Nichols College faculty in connection with a Nichols College course.

Semester-abroad and internship-abroad programs are supported by our main study-abroad partner, Academic Programs International (API).

To learn more about our programs through API, visit their site, fill out the interest form, and an API Advisor will follow up with you!

Nichols College API Study Abroad Programs
Watch video about What's it like to study abroad

We also offer programs through the Center for International Studies (CISAbroad). Please contact if you are interested in one of these programs.

For information on short-term trips, email

Planning Your Trip

For all study-abroad experiences, you should start planning well in advance. Here are some specific tips that we recommend you follow:

  • You can start your journey by exploring the websites above. Feel free to also reach out to to let us know about your interests. We can answer your questions and support you throughout this process.
  • If you don’t have a passport yet, you should order one immediately. For trips in 2022 and beyond, we recommend that you pay the extra fee to expedite the passport application process, given the delays that have been occurring in recent months. Even if your trip is a year away, you should order your passport today.
  • To participate in semester-abroad and internship-abroad experiences, you will need a 3.0 GPA and the endorsement of your faculty advisor. Please speak to your advisor about your travel interests and how they align with your academic plans.
  • Your study-abroad experience is financial aid eligible. When you have a specific experience in mind, we can put you in touch with a Nichols College financial advisor to discuss the financial aspects of your plans.

International travel is a wonderful experience! We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity during your time at Nichols College.