Master of Business Administration

Realize your greatest career aspirations when you graduate with an AACSB accredited 工商管理硕士 from 尼克尔斯学院. Our Master of Business Administration program provides you with customizable studies that can be completed at your own pace.

Elevate your career to new heights with an 工商管理硕士 tailored to your particular goals and areas of focus. From Project Management and Human Resources, 对网络安全, 数据分析, and Critical Thinking, the Nichols 工商管理硕士 offers something for everyone. Stand out from the crowd even more by concurrently earning a second master’s degree through our stackable credits initiative.

How does the 工商管理硕士 program at 尼克尔斯学院 work?

We offer a flexible and convenient learning experience that allows you to complete coursework at your own pace while still maintaining your professional and personal commitments. Our comprehensive online 工商管理硕士 program is designed to provide you with the 技能 and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic and ever-changing business world, and it can be completed entirely online.

24个月. 100%的在线.

The Nichols 工商管理硕士 offers a range of specializations, including accounting, 金融, 市场营销, 网络安全, critical thinking, 和管理, so that you can tailor your education to your unique career goals. Even better, it can all be done for less than the cost of a typical 工商管理硕士 program. In fact, ranked the Nichols 工商管理硕士 degree as the No. 2 Most Affordable and as a Top 50 program overall.

Our online 工商管理硕士 program is taught by experienced faculty members with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Students in the program are provided with access to a range of resources, including academic advising, 职业服务, and networking opportunities.

Is the 尼克尔斯学院 工商管理硕士 program right for me?

Our AACSB accredited 工商管理硕士 provides graduates with the 技能 and knowledge needed to succeed in leadership positions and advance their careers. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start or grow your business, a professional seeking to advance to senior management, or a career changer needing to acquire the 技能 required of a new field, 工商管理硕士学位会有所帮助.

Although our online 工商管理硕士 is already one of the most affordable 工商管理硕士 programs available, we also offer a range of financial aid options to help students manage the cost of their education. These include scholarships and student loans, as well as our tuition discount program for students who are employed by one of our many partner companies offering this benefit.

Furthermore, the Nichols 工商管理硕士 is flexible, convenient, and entirely online. We offer a comprehensive learning experience that allows you to complete coursework at your own pace. If you want to obtain a high-quality education that still allows you to maintain your personal and professional commitments, our online 工商管理硕士 can lead the way.



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What are the benefits of earning an 工商管理硕士?

While each person has a different reason for pursuing their 工商管理硕士, there are certain benefits that apply to every student. 对于初学者来说, earning an 工商管理硕士 is a great way to learn business principles, build management 技能, and expand knowledge. It also helps to prepare you intellectually and experientially for success, while demonstrating to employers that you have the self-discipline and determination to achieve, despite tough challenges.

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration provides myriad benefits for professionals in a wide variety of fields. Some of the most tangible benefits include:

  • Increased Earning Potential: One of the most significant benefits of earning an 工商管理硕士 is the potential for increased earning potential. Graduates with an 工商管理硕士 typically earn much higher salaries than those with just a bachelor’s degree.
  • Career Advancement: 工商管理硕士 helps professionals advance their careers by providing them with the knowledge, 技能, and credentials necessary for leadership 和管理 roles.
  • Networking Opportunities: The Nichols 工商管理硕士 program offers students networking opportunities with other professionals in their field, as well as with alumni and industry leaders. These connections can be immensely valuable for career advancement and business opportunities.
  • Specialization Options: Our online 工商管理硕士 program offers a range of specializations that allow students to focus on specific areas of business, 比如金融, 市场营销, 网络安全, project management, or entrepreneurship.
  • 企业家ial Skills: Our AACSB accredited 工商管理硕士 provides students with the 技能 and knowledge necessary to start and run their own business.

最终, an 工商管理硕士 is part of a self-actualization journey that only a small percentage of life-long learners can fully appreciate. If you are looking to advance your career, increase your earning potential, and gain valuable 技能 and knowledge in business management and leadership, earning an 工商管理硕士 is a valuable investment in your future.

Hot Jobs for 工商管理硕士 Degree Holder?

An 工商管理硕士 is designed for individuals who want to succeed in leadership positions. Although the list of hot jobs for 工商管理硕士 holders is extensive, some top examples include:

  • Management Consultant: A management consultant helps organizations improve their performance by analyzing problems and developing solutions.
  • 投资银行家: An investment banker helps companies raise capital by underwriting securities, ipo管理, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions.
  • 营销经理: A 市场营销 manager is responsible for developing and implementing 市场营销 strategies to promote products and services.
  • 财务经理: A financial manager is responsible for managing a company’s financial operations, including budgeting, 预测, and financial analysis.
  • Operations Manager: An operations manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a business, including supply chain management, 生产, 和物流.
  • Human Resources Manager: A human resources manager is responsible for managing the hiring, 培训, and development of employees, as well as handling employee relations issues.
  • 数据分析 Manager: A data analytics manager is responsible for leading a team of data analysts and overseeing the process of analyzing data to uncover insights and trends that can be used to improve business operations.
  • Medical and Health Services Manager: A medical and health services manager, also known as a healthcare administrator, is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities, ensuring that they run efficiently and effectively. This includes managing budgets, creating and implementing policies and procedures, 监督员工, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  • 产品经理: A product manager is responsible for developing and managing a company’s product portfolio, including conducting market research, creating product plans, and managing product launches.
  • 企业家: An entrepreneur is a self-starter who creates and manages their own business venture, using 技能 acquired through their 工商管理硕士 education and experience.

The above are just a few examples of the many careers available to 工商管理硕士 holders. Other potential career paths include management analyst, business development manager, and supply chain manager. Take your career to the next level with an 工商管理硕士 from 尼克尔斯学院.

As I was approaching the end of my 工商管理硕士 experience I realized I was more confident, 更多的准备, and ready to take on the next step in my career.

——Jason Destratis

Choose your 工商管理硕士 Degree Track

As an 工商管理硕士 candidate, you can choose your electives based on a certificate track, which will focus your master’s in one of five business and leadership specialties.


Common Core (12 credits)

工商管理硕士 Core (15 credits)

Certificate Electives

Critical Thinking (9 credits)

Cybersecurity (9 credits)

数据分析 (9 credits)

HR Management (9 credits)

Project Management (9 credits)



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