Cultural Impact

A big part of living and learning in a small, tight-knit campus community is the personal and professional development that comes along with everyone knowing your name, interests, and goals, but our students don’t stop at simply supporting each other. We’re out there every day working to make a genuine, sustainable impact on the world. Our alumni are prepared to tackle complex social issues and apply pressure in a professional, impactful way, leading the charge for change, and we need your voice.

Guiding Responsible Leadership

The college experience may be rooted in discovery, but the real value comes from action. Our campus support network is built to help students take their big ideas and turn them into something tangible that helps the world move forward. We believe that a strong foundation in ethical leadership is vital to the health of modern business, and our faculty are here to help you discover the value of moving beyond simply doing well by doing right.

Backed By Research

Nichols is proud to be home for engaged, forward-thinking professors like Jean Beaupre, lead researcher for the Massachusetts Women’s Leadership Index (MWLI), a biennial report that assesses and monitors the status of women in power. This research is vital to the health of our business community as America grapples with the consequences of rapid economic disruption, and is just one more way Nichols is fostering impactful educational experiences for students.

Our Campus Community Is…





Our Students Ask the Tough Questions

As our neighborhoods, communities, and nation undergo hard changes, dialogue has become the focal point for understanding. The only way forward and create a cultural impact is together, as a strong, healthy Herd. But that spirit of empathy takes work. It takes time. It takes honesty. Nichols College has been many things since it was founded in 1815, and today we’re proud to say that it’s a space for diverse ideas and ample opportunities to talk out the tough issues.

Consulting with the Community

The Nichols Consulting Group (NCG) is a thriving campus innovation that continues to better the community with its work. Our students consult with real small businesses in the surrounding area to improve their business practices by creating marketing plans, streamlining operations, and even organizing events. You name the problem, our students will find the solution. The Nichols Consulting Group mission truly embodies our “Bison Give Back,” spirit and allows our students to work hands-on with community members.

Student Outreach

One way our students make a cultural impact is by giving back to the community. They work in a variety of programs and settings, including:

  • Bison Pantry
  • CAC, Walk for the Cure
  • Red Cross blood drives
  • Marines Toys for Tots Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • You Inc.
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Local animal shelters
  • Webster-Dudley Food Share
  • Worcester Earth Day