Honors Program

take your studies to the next level

The Honors Scholar Program at Nichols offers highly motivated and academically promising full-time students in our baccalaureate degree programs the opportunity to develop their intellectual potential to the fullest and to receive special recognition for outstanding academic achievement. Honors Scholar candidates have the opportunity and challenge of working closely with leading members of the faculty as they pursue a specially designed, rigorous, and rewarding educational experience.

The Honors Curriculum

Seven special Honors (H) courses compose the Honors Scholar Program. Six courses will be completed (one per semester) over the first three years of study. Level I & II Honors courses offered in the first and second year of study will enhance academic skills and awareness of key issues prior to undertaking two advanced electives (Level III) during the third year of study. In the fourth year, Honors Scholar candidates will enroll in the final course: the capstone interdisciplinary Honors Seminar.

Courses include but are not limited to:

  • ENGL 212H: Analytical Writing
  • ECON 221H: Microeconomics
  • ESCI 243H: Physical World
  • LSB 227H: Business Law
  • HONR 480H: Honors Seminar

Special Activities for Honors Candidates

A program of special activities and co-curricular events will complement the academic aspects of the Honors Scholar program. Events include on-campus social events, special guests and off-campus trips to sites of cultural interest as well as business and government institutions. During spring vacation of the third year, Honors candidates will have an opportunity to volunteer to participate in an enriching special travel and cultural experience supported by the College. Led by members of the faculty, this feature of the Honors experience will highlight a significant cultural, intellectual, or professional theme that will change from year to year.

Commencement Recognition

At graduation, students who have successfully completed the Honors Scholar Program with the required 3.4 quality point average will be recognized. Their diploma and official College academic transcript will reflect the designation Nichols Honors Scholar.


  • You must be an undergraduate student
  • You must maintain a 3.4 GPA overall and a 3.4 GPA in Honors courses

How to Enroll

Honors Scholar program candidacy must be declared prior to, or at the beginning of, the second year of study. You’ll be responsible for completing an Honors Candidacy Declaration form, available through the Registrar’s Office, and enrolling in your first Honors course. In addition, new students should contact our Office of Admission at admissions@tilou.net or by phone at 508-213-2203 or 1-800-470-3379; current students should contact Honors Scholar Administrative Director Dr. Kellie Deys at Kellie.Deys@tilou.net or by phone at 508-213-2241.

Honors Program Faculty